President's Message

A Message from your Chapter President, Zen-Ichiro Ishibashi    ____S3.jpg


Dear Chapter Members,

Let me introduce myself.

I have built my professional career as FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) professional.

I worked at 3 global companies as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for 15 years.

I am currently teaching management accounting and corporate finance at 7 graduate schools of accounting and business.

My professional career really got started when I earned CFM in 1999 and USCMA in 2000 (and I recently earned  CSCA).

Since then, I have enjoyed the experience of serving as board member of IMA Tokyo chapter as well as IMA global board.

I am a big fan and a believer of IMA Values :

+ Respect for the individual
+ Passion for serving members
+ Highest standards of integrity and trust
+ Teaming to achieve
+ Innovation and continuous improvement

Let us work together as 'One Team' of Japan Chapter members with strong commitment to DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) and high spirit of Growth Mindset.

Let us make our FP&A profession and USCMA qualification widely recognized and well respected in Japan.  

Let us enjoy our IMA member experience as co-travelers of our successful professional careers.

Japan Chapter President
Visiting Professor at LEC Graduate School of Accounting, Chuo Graduate School of Business and Chiba-Shoka Graduate School of Accounting
Zen-Ichiro Ishibashi

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